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Gator Sightings on the Rise in Chattahoochee Valley

Credit: iStock

Residents and visitors to the Chattahoochee Valley are being warned to exercise caution following an uptick in alligator sightings near Fort Moore. Local fishermen and the owner of Bull Creek Bait & Tackle have reported encounters with large reptiles, raising concerns about safety. Wildlife biologist Kara Nitschke advises keeping a safe distance, as the gators typically won’t approach unless provoked.

Marshall Berger, a seasoned fisherman, recounted a recent incident where a friend’s wife caught a four-foot gator, while bait shop owner Ferrell Williams reported a ten-foot gator residing under a dock. The U.S. Army Natural Resources is emphasizing the importance of not feeding the reptiles and adhering to safety signs, especially when it comes to keeping children out of the water.