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High Blood Pressure Trends and Racial Disparities in Georgia

Credit: iStock

Close to 50% of the American population is affected by high blood pressure, a condition that led to almost 700,000 deaths in 2021 alone and is a significant cause of heart disease and stroke. According to Stacker’s analysis of CDC data, high blood pressure rates are notably high in the Southeast, particularly in Randolph County, Georgia where the data shows that counties with the most severe instances also feature in the top 200 nationally. This regional trend is exacerbated by racial health disparities, with high blood pressure affecting approximately 40% of the Black population in the U.S., influenced by factors such as limited healthcare access and dietary options. Moreover, traditional medical guidelines that restricted certain blood pressure medications for Black patients are undergoing changes, driven by recent research criticizing the efficacy and fairness of race-based medical prescriptions.